ECR Community News Update September 2022


ECR Community News Update


September 2022


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Q3 Meeting in Bogotá, Colombia

Our recent meeting in Bogotá was an historic event, it being our first meeting ever outside of Europe. Our objective for this meeting was to make sure it was engaging for those both in person and those joining online.

In addition to the LOGYCA team, there was also representation in person from GS1 Germany, ECR Ireland, GS1 Guatemala, ECR Italy, and GS1 Argentina. 

We had updates from the following Nationals:

·    Colombia presented their OSA study and an update on their sustainability projects (Bike Logistics, Recycling and Food Waste, Reverse Logistics).

·    ECR Retail Loss Group presented their activities - 35 online meetings delivered so far this year and 22 planned before the end of the year, including 3 meetings in person. Colin also highlighted a new book being published by Daniel Corsten on OSA. 

·    Germany presented the current situation in the German market, their Shopper Experience activities and their Online Category Management expert group.

·    Italy presented their approach to helping companies achieve a sustainable supply chain and the areas they are focusing on within sustainability including logistics efficiency, carbon footprinting, LCAs & circular economy, food waste, and social sustainability.

·    Guatemala presented their involvement in the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Food Waste study which is the first study of food waste in the retail sector in Guatemala. They also presented an update on their OSA study.  

·    Argentina - we were joined by Claudia Geniz, Experience Manager with GS1 Argentina, who presented their perfect store journey. 

On day 2, we had updates from our Focus Areas - Cat Man, Circular Economy & Sustainability. LOGYCA also put on an engaging panel discussion on the transition to a more circular economy in Lat Am. 

big thank-you to Leonel, Wendy, Adriana, Daniel, Sandra, Alejandra and all the team at LOGYCA for hosting us.

The slides, recordings, and minutes have been shared via email. As always, please get in touch if you are interested in giving an update the next quarterly meeting.


Q4 Meeting in Cologne, Germany

We are kindly being hosted by Birgit, Sofia and the team in GS1 Germany for our fourth and final meeting of 2022. It will take place on Tuesday 6th & Wednesday 7th of December.

There will be a welcome dinner for those who arrive on the evening of the 5th so please let us know if you are planning on traveling.

We will have updates from members both in-person and online, so if you are interested in giving an update please get in touch using link below. The agenda will be shared nearer the time. 



#ECRCatManNetwork Upcoming Webinars

·    The webinar planned for September 20th has been RESCHEDULED and will now take place on October 18th. It will focus on tools and technology to advance category management

·    December 5th will focus on new organizational capabilities and designs for effective category management

The recordings and slides for webinar 2 and also the registration links for webinar 3 & 4 can be found at the link below.



Circular Economy Focus Area

Our third and final circular economy webinar in the series took place this week. It focused on the supporting tools and platforms that companies need to integrate into their business to support the circular transition. We were joined by

·    Francesca Poggiali, Chief Public Policy Officer at GS1 Europe, to discuss the EU's Sustainable Products Regulation and the Data Product Passport. 

·    Marta Schiraldi, Head of SHE & Sustainability, Nestlé Group, to discuss their digital waste platform for waste collection, Dove Lo Butto? (Where Do I throw It?).

·    Carolina Gómez, ECR & Sustainability Project Manager, GS1 Italy, to discuss the circular tool they have developed for Italian companies to help them measure circularity within their business. 

You can watch and download the slides from this webinar and the previous webinars in the series at the link below. Please feel free to share them with your members. 



Sustainability Focus Area

We have now taken all of our research and feedback from the survey and meetings with partners and ECR National Initiatives and created the ECR Sustainability Framework. It has three priority areas - circular economy, sustainable claims & labelling, and responsible sourcing. Thanks to all of those who provided feedback during the creation of this framework, which was approved at our Q3 meeting in Bogotá.

Over the coming months we'll be establishing a Sustainability Steering Committee and organising activities to signpost & promote the key sustainability activities of our members across our network. 



The Environmental Labeling of Food - A French Case Study

The Institut du Commerce have been working with the Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) and other national partners to progress the topic of environmental labeling in France. 

This is reflective of work being done by a number of ECR Nationals, each with their own approach. Some are focusing on the wider sustainable labelling which encompass both the environmental and social aspects, some are focusing on 'sustainable claims' made on the labels/packaging, and others are looking at lifecycle assessments (LCAs) for product categories. 

All of this work is to prepare for the position that the EU preparing to take on the topic so it is set to become an area of increasing interest to both ECR Nationals and member companies. 

If you are interested in learning more about the French approach, click the link below to read their recently published FAQ document. 



Cirol-Up, a Circular Economy Measurement Tool for FMCG Companies

GS1 Italy have been working with global and Italian companies to develop a circular economy measurement tool specific for FMCG companies. A web-based tool, it helps companies to measure the level of circularity in their product life cycle and to facilitate the implementation of circular economy models across the business. 

To find out more about this tool and the approach GS1 Italy (ECR Italy) have taken, click the link below. 



Upcoming Virtual Events (click on heading to register)

·    Sep 20th - Future of Product Protection

·    Sep 20th - OSA Innovations in Practice

·    Sep 21st - Video Remote Monitoring Updates

2022 In-Person Events

·    Product [RF] ID working group - October 5th & 6th - Central London

·    Imagining the Future Shape of Loss Prevention - October 12th & 13th - Lisbon

·    Food Waste Working Group - Nov 16th & 17th - Rugby, UK

Latest Publications

·    Global Study on Self-checkout in Retail, by Professor Adrian Beck, published 2022.

·    Shelf Confidence – A Practical Guide to Reducing Out-of-Stocks and Improving Product Availability in Retail, by Tom Gruen & Daniel Corsten


Q4 2022 Meeting

Cologne 6/7th December

Q1 2023 Meeting

Brussels 16/17th February

Q2 2023 Meeting

Online 16/17th May

Q3 & Q4 2023 Meetings

Locations & Dates TBD


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