ECR Community News Update June 2022



ECR Community News Update


June 2022


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Q2 Meeting in Barcelona


It was great to be back to having meetings in person, meeting old & new friends, in Barcelona last month. We had updates from the following Nationals:


·    Germany presented on the downward consumer trend due to inflation, war, and pandemic however they continue to purchase sustainable products and health related products. 

·    Colombia presented their OSA study, Bike Logistics Project, and Recycling and Food Waste projects.

·    Ireland presented their ECR Heros programme which presents awards to members to celebrate those that go above and beyond in Irish retail stories. Click here to read more.

·    Greece presented their projects on digital retail modes of the future, category management, circular economy (deposit returns scheme), future physical store and food waste.

·    Czech & Slovak presented their workgroup groups and how they are translating & adapting the ECR Global Packaging Guide to their market.

·    Italy presented their latest logistics research on the extension of receiving time slots. Watch this video to find out more, or you can access the information via The Tree of Business Continuity Solutions.


On day 2, we had an interactive session to help decide the focus areas for the Sustainability working group. The top 3 areas that Nationals & Partners want to learn about are Responsible Sourcing, Circular Economy and Waste.


The slides, recordings, and minutes have been shared via email. As always, please get in touch if you are interested in giving an update the next quarterly meeting.


A big thank-you to Jordi Mur and AECOC for hosting us.





Q3 Meeting in Bogota, Colombia


We are currently planning for our next quarterly meeting, which will be taking place on the 7th and 8th of September in Bogotá, Colombia. Please let us know if you are planning on traveling.


In addition to our usual updates, this meeting will focus on trying to increase our membership in Latin America.


We will have updates from members both in-person and online, so if you are interested in giving an update please get in touch using link below.


Watch the following video link if you are on the fence as to whether you'll travel to Bogotá.








The steering group was established following the publication of "Best Practices" in 2020 and hosting several webinars in 2021. It is group of global retailers, manufacturers, service providers and category management experts.


It debates the current "Hot Topics" for category managers throughout the world and represents these trends through relevant presentations in the webinars. Participating in the Steering Group allows for high-level peer-to-peer networking which in turn promotes discussion, debate and learning!


#ECRCatManNetwork Webinars


The second #ECRCatManNetwork webinar took place on Wednesday 15th June and focused on the impact and implications of omni-channel & e-commerce. We were joined by Red Bull, Amazon, Mars Petcare, and GfK.


Upcoming webinars:


·    September 20th will focus on tools and technology to advance category management


·    December 5th will focus on new organizational capabilities and designs for effective category management


The recordings and slides for webinar 2 and also the registration links for webinar 3 & 4 can be found at the link below.







Circular Economy Focus Area


We held our second circular economy webinar in May, focusing on three case studies from the waste management and food waste sections of the Review. We were joined by Jeronimo Martins from Portugal, AB Vassilopoulos from Greece, and FoodCloud from Ireland. We had a good discussion on how retailers, brands and service providers are innovating on waste and the solutions they are providing to make it easier for consumers to reduce, reuse and recycle. There was some good discussion and interesting examples on how to collaborate within your value chain, consumer engagement campaigns and how to keep up with the incoming regulation. You can re-watch the webinar and download the slides from the ECR Community website. They were also circulated to all participants after the webinar.


Our third and final circular economy webinar for 2022 is scheduled for Tuesday September 13th at 4.30pm CET. It will focus on the supporting tools and platforms that companies need to integrate into their business to support the circular transition. We'll be joined by Francesca Poggiali from GS1 Europe to discuss how the GS1 standards can support the transition, ECR Italy and one of the case studies from the Review. You can register for it now at the link below.






Sustainability Focus Area


Thank you to all members who completed our Sustainability Focus Area Survey back in May. The results identified that our members most wanted to here about the topics of Responsible Sourcing, Circular Economy and Waste Management. At the ECR Community Q2 meeting, we held an interactive session to get ideas from you about what information we could share on these topics and how best to do so. The results can be found in the 'Day 2' slides shared after the meeting.


Since the meeting we have done some further work on analysing the results and creating the 'ECR Sustainability Framework' to help guide how we engage on these topics and share information with members over the coming years. We will be organising meetings with our partners and members over the next quarter to decide how best to collaborate on these topics.





Packaging Design for Recycling Guidelines


The working group, coordinated by ECR Austria and the FH Campus University of Applied Sciences, have been busy progressing this project to disseminate the guide around the world. They would greatly appreciate the support from ECR Nationals and partners to disseminate these materials to their members.


The World Packaging Organisation has added Waste Stream Mapping country guides for over 20 countries to their website. There are guides here for many of the ECR National countries. These country guides should be used alongside the Global Recycling Guide and the simple 'How to Use Guide' PDF document that can also be downloaded on this WPO webpage.






Upcoming Virtual Events (click on heading to register)

·    June 22nd - RFID in Grocery

·    June 22nd - Petrol Forecourt Losses

·    June 23rd - Food Waste - Service Level Differentiation

·    June 23rd - Main Bank Loss Prevention


2022 In-Person Events

·    Product [RF] ID working group - October 5th & 6th - Central London

·    Imagining the Future Shape of Loss Prevention - October 12th & 13th - Lisbon

·    Food Waste Working Group - Nov 16th & 17th - Rugby, UK


Latest Publications

·    Global Study on Self-checkout in Retail, by Professor Adrian Beck, published 2022.




Q1 Meeting

Online 24/25th February


Q2 Meeting & GA Assembly

Barcelona 18/19th May


Q3 Meeting

Colombia 7/8th September


Q4 Meeting

Düsseldorf 6/7th December



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